Our Vision

With highly qualified, charity focused and always approachable consulting staff, we deliver a consultative, cost effective, and high quality solution for every one of our clients. Our CEO’s vision that guides the Omn1 Solution team is based on 10 principles:


“Placing the customer first, listening to their needs and developing solutions and applications that help the organization grow and make use of the right technology for them.”

Personalised and collaborative

We take pride in ourselves on enabling all stakeholders to feel part of a journey and will be flexible enough to be able to respond to their needs both individually and collectively.

Good Will

“Business relationships can be hard work sometimes but it’s always better if there is goodwill. We must do everything to promote goodwill in our customer relationships.”


“For our clients, partners and our colleagues.”


“Continuous improvement. Doing it right the first time.“


“Empowering our colleagues to be responsible for their clients and their careers.”

Team Work

“Assisting, supporting, encouraging and helping each other at all times.”


“Being honest and fair with our clients, partners and our colleagues.”

Very open communication

“With our colleagues and our clients. Willing to listen, to understand, to react and to change.”

Enjoying our work

“When it stops being fun, there is something wrong!”


We Excite, Disrupt, Innovate to Delight, Deliver

world class solutions to customers

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