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calendar_today 24-10-2023

The certificates, awards, or prestigious trophies from top universities, colleges, and educational organizations around the world serve as a testament to the outstanding achievements and significant contributions of Du Học SET over the past 17 years. This demonstrates the institution's unwavering commitment to continuous innovation, ensuring that it stays at the forefront of the technological revolution.

SET EDU - Service with heart, students with talent

With years of experience in providing study abroad and scholarship consultancy services, SET edu has helped thousands of students realize their dreams of studying abroad. With core values of having a visionary team, providing dedicated customer care, and nurturing talented students, Du Học SET continuously enhances its internal processes and optimizes user experiences to provide the best support to its students.

From sales to customer care

Previously, SET Edu managed customer data manually, often using tools like Excel or cloud storage drives. This sometimes led to challenges in retrieving information and didn't ensure synchronization among sales staff, resulting in less-than-ideal customer experiences. To address this issue, OMN1 Solution proposed optimal solutions.

At the request of SET edu, OMN1 Solution provided a standard solution for their study abroad sales processes. They developed a tightly integrated system, creating a unified sales model for different products. Additionally, they implemented an automated customer care system to enhance the customer experience and contract closure capabilities. These improvements reduced data retrieval times and provided timely information for decision-makers.

These are some of the solutions OMN1 implemented to address the challenges faced by SET edu. Each solution is designed for specific use cases but operates on a common platform, ensuring seamless operations and data synchronization. Specific implementation methods and applications will be discussed in a future article.


Furthermore, OMN1 also implemented an automated customer care system, enhancing the overall customer experience and deal-closure capabilities. This system significantly accelerated data retrieval, providing leadership and department heads with a 360-degree view for decision-making. Additionally, OMN1 assisted SET edu in minimizing data entry time, collecting customer information, and closely monitoring customer progress at each stage.

These are the solutions proposed by OMN1 to address SET edu's challenges. While each solution has its unique implementation plan, they all share a common platform, making operations and data synchronization easy. Details about the specific implementation methods and applications will be provided in a forthcoming article.



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